Monday, July 09, 2007


[ Jason, who is two and a half, sometimes just likes to get our attention it seems...]

Jason: "Mommy, Mommy!"
Laura: "Yes, Jason?"
Jason: "Mommy, Mommy!"
Laura: "What, Jason?"
Jason: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"
Laura: "Ohhh ... sometimes the pay just isn't enough..."

[On another occasion, when the kids were being whiny and inconsolable...]

Laura: "Motherhood isn't nearly as fun as the color brochure made it seem..."


Bob said...
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Jayleigh said...

There's a color brochure? :)

Jocasta said...

Just tripped into your blog somehow can't remember really but your wife is sooo funny I love her already. I wish I could get your blog sent directly to my email. Let me know if it's doable (is that a word?). OH can you delete this after you read it thanks.

Jack said...

Jocasta, thanks for your comment. I don't update the blog very often (it depends on when Laura says something funny), but you can subscribe to it in Google Reader. Just search for "google reader" at and you'll find out all about it.