Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Passion of Christ

Jack: "According to the paper, Mel Gibson edited the 'Passion of Christ' to make it less gory."
Laura: "What, so now the guards just say, 'Come this way, Sir.' and lead him off-screen?"

The Absolute Power of a Choir Director

One Sunday night while Laura was listening to the choir practicing, she got my attention to ask,

Laura: "You mean the choir director can tell you when to breathe? Rock on! I want that job!"

Another choir member added: "Not only that, but she can tell us when not to breathe."

Laura (to the choir director): "I salute you."

Taking a pacifier from a baby

One evening when we had to give our sleepy 5-month old baby Jason some medicine, I had to take the pacifier out of his mouth so that we could insert the eye dropper containing medicine.

Jack: "I really hate to pull a pacifier from a baby's mouth."
Laura: "I know, that pacifier is the only thing between us and quiet."