Friday, February 18, 2005

George, the senior

After watching George Bush (the senior) and Bill Clinton walk out onto the Super bowl playing field at halftime:

Jack: George Bush looks *really* old.
Laura: He *is* old. He's so old he has God's pager number.

For Crying Out Loud

Jason (our 3-month old, who is usually smiling and happy) was crying incessantly.

Jack: He seems to be crying a lot more than he used to.
Laura: I know. I think he must have seen the video of when Brianna was a baby and now he's thinking, "I've been way too good!"

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

After our 3-month old baby kept us from getting much sleep one night:

Laura: "This little baby kicked my butt last night. He was all 'Crouching toddler, hidden baby' on me."


Laura uses "ish" to modify nearly any adjective. After all, if "greenish" means somewhat green, then adding "ish" to "bitter" must mean somewhat bitter. She often pauses before the "ish" for dramatic effect. For example,

Laura: I've been stuck at home all day with the kids. But at least I'm not bitter....ish.