Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another day for a stay-at-home mom

[Going to bed one night, I was looking forward to the next day because Google would make a big announcement regarding the project I was working on.]

Jack: Tomorrow's a big day.
Laura: For who?
Jack: For me.
Laura: Oh. It's the "same old, same old" for me. I'll do a little laundry, maybe do the floors....but at least I'm up to the challenge...

Waking up the roosters

[I was checking the alarm one night and was wondering why it was set so early.]

Jack: Oh, that's right, I had to get up early for a business trip.
Laura: Yeah, that was early. When you got up I heard some roosters going "huh?".

I'm not controlling!

[We were observing how our 6-year-old Brianna can be bossy sometimes to 3-year-old Jason.]

Laura: She can be kind of 'controlling'.
Jack: Sort of like her mother?
Laura: I'm not controlling.
Jack: [grins]
Laura: I'm not controlling! [whack] Say it!