Friday, June 19, 2009

Competitive teasing

[After Laura was teasing me one night trying to get a rise out of me.]

Jack: "You're just trying to 'get my goat'."
Laura: "Oh, I got your goat. Your goat is over here doing jello shots!"

Competitive love

[We adopted a dog (Chloe) that seems to be afraid of me so I try to show her that I love her. Laura wants the dog to like me too but at the same time she wants to be Chloe's favorite, which can lead to some funny exchanges between Laura and the dog.]

Jack (petting the dog): "That's a good doggy."
Laura: "See? He loves you, yes he does."
Laura (whispering to Chloe): "But not as much as I do ... keep that in mind."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

True things that are true

[Google often has irresistible desserts and sometimes I will bring a sample home for Laura.]

Jack: I have a treat for you.
Laura: Well, hurry on home.
Jack: This is a really good treat. You'll like this.
Laura: Oh good, I like things that I like.