Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short days of Winter

Jack: "We are officially in Winter now. Yesterday was the 21st, the shortest day of the year. The days will start to get longer now."
Laura: "No wonder I couldn't get anything done yesterday."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Opposite of Rhetorical

[I was going through the cupboards when I discovered a couple cartons of cookies that we were going to take to church. I should add that I had previously eaten some cookies (just a couple) that she was planning to take to the kids summer camp and Laura still hadn't gotten over that.]

Jack: "Mmmm, cookies..."
Laura: "Those aren't for you."
Jack: "I know."
Laura: "I don't think you do."
Jack: "Yes, they're for church. I won't eat them. Why do you think it's necessary to remind me?"
Laura: "Well, let's see ... why do you think it's necessary to remind you?"
Jack: "It was a rhetorical question."
Laura: "No, I don't think it was rhetorical. In fact, it was very 'torical'!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Competitive teasing

[After Laura was teasing me one night trying to get a rise out of me.]

Jack: "You're just trying to 'get my goat'."
Laura: "Oh, I got your goat. Your goat is over here doing jello shots!"

Competitive love

[We adopted a dog (Chloe) that seems to be afraid of me so I try to show her that I love her. Laura wants the dog to like me too but at the same time she wants to be Chloe's favorite, which can lead to some funny exchanges between Laura and the dog.]

Jack (petting the dog): "That's a good doggy."
Laura: "See? He loves you, yes he does."
Laura (whispering to Chloe): "But not as much as I do ... keep that in mind."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

True things that are true

[Google often has irresistible desserts and sometimes I will bring a sample home for Laura.]

Jack: I have a treat for you.
Laura: Well, hurry on home.
Jack: This is a really good treat. You'll like this.
Laura: Oh good, I like things that I like.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cell phone "coverage"

Jack (phoning home from the office): "Sweetie, can you check if I left my cell phone at home? It's probably charging on the counter."
Laura: "Yep, it's here. Oh, let's see if it has any pictures of girls on it..."
Jack: "Ha, ha. Why don't you take some of yourself, dear..."
Laura: "It would take two phones to take my picture..."

[As if the field-of-view of one cell phone camera wasn't big enough.]

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Everything's a competition

Laura: "I need a haircut."
Jack: "Yeah, I need a haircut too."
Laura: "I need one worse."
Jack: "This isn't a competition."
Laura: "I know, because I won!"

[I guess you just had to be there...]

Monday, March 09, 2009

A husband's job

[There is a legal phrase used in divorce proceedings, something like "keeping me in the manner to which I have become accustomed". Laura has adopted that phrase with a wishful twist to it.]

Laura: "That's enough teasing for one day."
Jack: "But that's my job!"
Laura: "Well, you need to find another one. Like keeping me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed."

Queen Laura

[I received a letter from Calvin College addressed to both Laura and me asking for help with fund-raising.]

Jack: "This letter is for you."
Laura: "No it isn't."
Jack: "See, it has your name on it."
Laura: "It doesn't say 'Queen' anywhere."

Friday, March 06, 2009

The shower caste system

[My parents and my sister were visiting from out of town so we had a full house and several of us wanted to take showers one morning.]

Jack [finding Laura just getting out of the shower]: "Oh, there you are."
Laura: "Yeah, I took a long hot shower. I had to do some scraping ... and some chiseling ..."
Jack: "Some 'chiseling', eh?"
Laura: "Well, it's been a while since my last shower..."
Jack: "It's my turn now."
Laura: "There are other people that want to take a shower so don't take too long or we may run out of hot water. I took a long shower but you have to take a short one. We have a 'caste system' here ... and we 'caste' you down!"

Friday, February 27, 2009

Too tired to riot

[The DirectTV satellite service mysteriously erased all our recorded programs (yes, really!) and Laura was understandably upset.]

Laura: "I'm about to start a riot! ... Except I'm too tired. So I'll do it later."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Timezone logic

[We had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii on Sunday night and had to prepare for getting up early Monday morning.]

Laura: "Did you set the alarm?"
Jack: "Yep. 6:50am. Of course, it will feel like 4:50am."
Laura: "You're always bringing up the timezone changes and making it seem a lot worse."
Jack: "I'm not making it worse. I'm just pointing out that our bodies will feel like it is 2 hours earlier because our bodies are still on Hawaii time. So 6:50am will feel like 4:50am."
Laura: "Okay, but only for a couple hours. Then it will feel like 6:50am."

[I can't argue with that.]

Reclining car seats

[Jason, who is 4, surprised me by tilting back his seat in the van into a reclined position. And he did it while sitting in his booster seat!]

Jack: "I didn't know Jason could do that."
Laura [disgruntled]: "Yes, he does that sometimes when we are car-pooling with the Lindemulder kids. But he doesn't seem to know how to straighten his seat back up."
Jack: "So you have to go back there and tilt it back up?"
Laura: "Yes, apparently his job is to make my life harder."

Friday, January 02, 2009

"I Don't Know"

[Laura used to sing a song when she was a kid to bug her brother that she made up called "I don't know". I heard this for the first time recently.]

Jack: "I wonder if my phone is downstairs..."
Laura [singing her song]: "I don't know, I don't know. If you ask me, what I'll tell you is that I don't know."
[Jack just looks at her, surprised.]
Laura: "Go ahead. Ask me something."
Jack: "If you're just going to answer 'I don't know' why would I ask you?"
Laura [singing triumphantly]: "I don't know!"