Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Timezone logic

[We had just returned from a vacation in Hawaii on Sunday night and had to prepare for getting up early Monday morning.]

Laura: "Did you set the alarm?"
Jack: "Yep. 6:50am. Of course, it will feel like 4:50am."
Laura: "You're always bringing up the timezone changes and making it seem a lot worse."
Jack: "I'm not making it worse. I'm just pointing out that our bodies will feel like it is 2 hours earlier because our bodies are still on Hawaii time. So 6:50am will feel like 4:50am."
Laura: "Okay, but only for a couple hours. Then it will feel like 6:50am."

[I can't argue with that.]


Bob said...

Good thing you were traveling east. A couple of time zones west and you'd have to wait a whole 22 hours before the time felt right.

JS said...

So much fun to catch up with Laura sayings! You made my whole evening. -Jan