Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend plans

Jack: "I might have to work a little this weekend."
Laura: "I might schedule a nervous breakdown this weekend. So we'll both have something to do."

Laura's notion of being a manager

Laura: "How's your bug list coming?"
Jack: "Okay. I'm down to 9 bugs."
Laura: "Does anyone look at it? Is there a guy with a whiteboard somewhere with a list of bugs under your name?"
Jack: "No, it's all online. And yes, the directors and managers watch the bug list carefully. If it gets too big they call you in to talk to you."
Laura: "Do they talk with their fists?"
Jack: "You know, I think you would like being a manager."
Laura: "I would! But the power would totally go to my head. Do they have any openings? Do I have to, you know, have any ... experience or anything?"