Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sour Milk

[Laura is ultra-squeamish about food going bad so it's hard to resist teasing her sometimes...]

Jack [smelling the milk and pretending that it's gone sour]: "It's probably got another day left in it ..." [and then pouring it on his cereal.]

Laura: "It's a wonder I kiss you at all."


jpetersen said...

Dear Jack:

My daughters are sophomores at Calvin College, so we get the SPARK magazine. I read with great interest the article about you and your work at Google. Congratulations on your development of spell suggestion for mobile phones! Since you have an interest in the mobile platform, you may want to visit Zondervan's mobile site (

I attended the Search Engine Strategies conference last year when it was in California and had the chance of coming to the Google Dance and seeing the campus. It was fun.

I'm writing to see if there's any chance that Google will improve the Google Catalogs service ( It's a wonderful program but it's just not accurate. It seems no one at Google is taking it seriously. I've been trying for 3 years now to get someone's attention at Google to make it better. For example, notice how Zondervan is represented ( -- catalogs show up that have nothing to do with us. And when I've attempted to correct it by sending our current catalogs and giving detailed information about what needs correcting, nothing happens.

Any chance you could use a bit of your "20% time" to make it as functional as the spell suggestion functionality? :)



Jonathan Petersen, CeM
Director of Internet Marketing

Jack said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your comment. I'll try to find someone inside Google to help you with your problem regarding the online catalogs.