Monday, August 27, 2007

Party like a rock star

[Laura was watching a TV show where they were playing the song "Party Like A Rock Star" and she was singing along.]

Laura: "That's what I'm going to do tomorrow."
Jack: "What, become a rock star?"
Laura: "No, party."
Jack: "Oh, of course."
Laura: "I'm hoping there's a lot of eating bon-bons ... and sitting ... and no laundry."


Bob said...

I have yet to see a partying Rock Star doing laundry (but then I don't get out much).

JS said...

Catching up on the summer entries, yay, I love them! I wonder what it's like to be funny, sometimes.

Doug said...

Yes, I ask my wife what she did today and she says the same thing eating bon-bons and watching tv. Humpf, why can't they just answer the question?