Friday, May 14, 2004

My adorable, funny wife

Here, then, are some funny things Laura said (with some commentary by me in square brackets):

1. "That rabbit is on its last 4 legs."

2. "I'm barely lucky to be awake."
[This made me stop and think. Although she said "barely lucky" for
emphasis, isn't "barely lucky" weaker than just "lucky"?]

3. "I wasn't born in a barn yesterday."
[An unintentional mixing of "I wasn't born yesterday" and
"I wasn't born in a barn". The combination, ironically, is
much weaker than either one separately.]

4. "You're supposed to be listening to my undivided words."
[Laura said this when she found out I was typing in this file while
talking on the phone with her.]

5. "I would be ever so sad if I died."

6. [Said to Brianna:] "How's that diaper treating ya?"

7. "You're working pretty hard there, Jack. Do you need any help? Cuz,
ya know, I could point..."
[Laura said this while watching Luke and me take down and pack all the
stage props for the Christmas program.]

8. "I might drown to death."
[Drown "to death"?]

9. "I'm standing as tall as I can."
[This actually makes some sense. It's just funny when Laura says it.]

10. Jack: "Your voice sounds funny. Do you have a cold?"
Laura: "No, I have exhaustion."

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