Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sea to Sea bike tour

[Earlier that day we were talking about the Sea to Sea bike tour, where people pedalled their bikes across the country to raise money for poverty. They travelled about 3,900 miles, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in 9 weeks of biking, sometimes covering over 100 miles in one day. Most of the riders lost weight; one person lost 26 pounds.]

Laura (patting my stomach): I'm going to sign you up for the "Sea to Sea and Back" tour!


JS said...

I think they just keep getting funnier. How is that possible? I'm trying to be funnier but blogs like this make me lose all hope.

Bob said...

I fear she'd be registering me for the sea-to-sea-back-to-back tour.

Art said...

(late to the game, sorry...)

Hey, we could have used more recumbents on tour. You should have signed up. Of course, you'd have had to take off those electric motors also... Or maybe just disconnect them and leave them on for added ballast.

As for the sea-to-sea-and-back... there was one guy who at the last night meeting, stood up and suggested that we just turn right when we hit the ocean and keep going...

It sure was fun being able to eat absolutely everything we wanted... AND go back for seconds. I can't do that anymore.

Art Mulder