Monday, August 11, 2008

If you see one leg pointing up out of the sand...

[I was sick at home for a couple days and sitting on the couch feeling tired.]

Laura (jokingly): "Want me to carry you downstairs?"
Jack (holding his arms out): "Sure, carry me!"

[Laura makes a heroic but doomed attempt to lift me up off the couch.]

Jack: "What would you do if we were alone in a desert and I was bitten by a snake and couldn't walk?"
Laura: "I'd just cover you up with sand so you wouldn't get sunburned while I went to get help."
Jack: "How would you find me again if I'm covered with sand?"
Laura: "I would leave one leg pointing up in the air."
Jack: "Gee, thanks."


Anonymous said...

This is my best friend you are tormenting.......

Bob said...

Hey, at least she wants to find you.