Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chex Mix

[ Laura had just made a large bag of Chex Mix (with M&Ms, honey roasted peanuts, dried fruit, and other yummy goodies) for a cross-country car trip with my parents and my sister's family.]

Laura: "Do you think that's too much Chex Mix?"
Jack: "I could finish that in 2 days."
Laura: "You have to share this among three cars."
Jack: "Or you could make three of those bags."
Laura [crunching slowly on some Chex Mix and glaring at me]: "Pretend you're the Chex Mix."


JeffOYB said...

Hi Jack! These are funny sayings! Thanks for telling me about your blogs. That's great that you're writing them down. Kids are maybe reliably hilarious but it's a bonus that Laura is, too! (At Henry's first visit to the dentist, at age 3, I think, he told the dentist "When I get older I'm going to have my own BB-gun and make my own whisky." The dentist did a real doubletake.) It was nice hanging out at your parents' party yesterday. Have a good drive! I hope to visit you and yours in sunny California someday! And have fun with that Electro-Bent! --Jeff

Jewels said...

Hi Jack,

I saw you in the spark thingy and I wanted to tell you how my son who is 17 thinks it's the most hilarious thing when I tell him about the Texas Instruments programmable calculator I saved my money for to buy in high school.

Your wife sounds funny. My husband makes me laugh all the time with the things he says, so I can relate. Take care, Julia

BrendaK said...

Hey Jack and Laura!
It's your long lost cousin in Visalia. We got a kick out of your sayings. As I was reading them I told Arie we have to go visit them. Hopefully this summer we can make a trip and visit you guys. Love your Blog. Talk to you later

Jack said...

Thanks, all. I'm glad I can share the humor.