Saturday, January 07, 2006

Like That's The Same

[If I tell Laura about something good I did at work she always asks if I got a shoulder ride and I have to remind her that it would be highly unusual for software engineers to give shoulder rides. This bedtime exchange was slightly different.]

Jack: "I had a breakthrough at work today. I booted Linux on my simulator."
Laura (about to go to sleep): "I'll give you a shoulder ride in the morning."
Jack (knowing full well that Laura couldn't give me a shoulder ride to save my life): "Okay..."
Laura: "... or maybe I'll just point at you ... excitedly."


anu said...

Your wife is so funny and sweet. I guess she has no clue how cute she is.

I really enjoyed reading them.

I can also see how much you love her to actually put all this down. Becz you probably cherish these funny beautiful moments a lot

All my love

Jayleigh said...

I love it. I think this is my favorite Laura saying ever.

Ajay said...

hey u have some funny moments to share

Anonymous said...

Best one!