Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Early Mornings

[Our 1-year old Jason, who can't talk yet, is usually a bit whiny in the morning until after he's fed.]

Jason: (whining)
Laura: (sleepily making her coffee, early in the morning)
Jason: (whining)
Laura: "I hear you, Jason. You're whining to the choir."


Anonymous said...

I never ever leave a comment on blogs, but oh my goodness is your wife funny. I am LOVING this blog. For her to spend a destined-to-be-a-classic line like "you're whining to the choir" on a kid... well, that just shows how much good stuff there is where that came from. I'd have saved that line for weeks, petting it and fattening it up, until I had access to a vast audience to amaze and delight with it. You're so lucky to get to live with this woman--she's as quick and funny as Robin Williams but without the frenziedness. Thank you so much for making sure the rest of the world gets a chance to share the fun.

Iwaya said...

this woman is a saint (sometimes)! i wish i had that kind of patience. bawling along is hard to resist.