Friday, June 17, 2005

Bedtime for rugrats

I was working late at the office one night when Laura called and described the chaos the kids were creating.

Laura: I'm ready to have some time for myself.
Jack: Well, it's already their bedtime.
Laura: I know. I haven't even taken them upstairs yet. I was hoping to just get a dart gun and they would fall asleep right where they are.

My laughter clues Laura that I'm writing that down and when I read it back to her, she says:

Laura: No, I said something like: 'Those little angels. I really love my job. And I would never use a dart gun.'


David said...

We need more funny stuff, unless you are on holiday

Beth said...

too funny, I just went through and read all your posts!! is this a real person or do you put words in her mouth??!! How fun is she??

Jack said...

David: I keep telling her that her fans are eager for more material, but she just gives me the evil eye. I'll post more gems as they come up.

Beth: Everything I wrote is what my wife said. She would emphatically deny it, but you can't believe everything my wife says. Seriously, she really is this funny.

Darlene said...

I am reading this nearly a month after you posted, but your wife is hillarious. I read several of your posts and they'd make a great book.

still_figuring_out said...

hi...i came across your blog through jayleigh`s.

your wife sounds so cute...and she is funny!

i read all of your post...hey, your wife`s pic can`t be viewed...i would lovvvvvvvveeeee to see how cute she looks like!

Amanda Sue said...

i kept picturing helen hunt and paul reiser on Mad About You as i read this. :)

try - that is what i use for pics.

Notromemos said...

I remember those days. Celebrate each!