Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hiding the Fritos

[Laura bought some groceries earlier in the day.]

Jack: So, did you buy some more Fritos?
Laura: I can't tell you that.
Jack: Oh, goody! Thanks, Dear.
Laura: I should hide them. Maybe in the raisin container...
Jack: You're the one who doesn't like raisins.
Laura: Yes, but you'd never think to look there for chips.
Jack: Now I do.
Laura: Dang it!

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Layla said...

Dang it... it's after 2am! I've been reading this durned website, start to finish, for almost two hours. I'm thinking Laura should stop objecting to you writing down her brilliant quips; What she should do is give you a good "blunting" every day until you publish a book. Then you can buy her her very own Starbucks franchise. That would probably make her very, very, very happy... ish. ;)