Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parent-teacher Sessions

[Brianna is only in "Junior Kindergarten" but we, as her parents, still have a parent-teacher meeting to discuss how she is doing.]

Laura: "I signed up for a parent-teacher conference today, but they only allow 20 minutes to talk!"
Jack: "Well, how much can there be to talk about? 'Plays nicely with others...needs to work on paying attention...'?"
Laura: "But I've got issues! I want a whole hour on the couch!"
Jack: "This is a parent-teacher conference, not a shrink session. There's no couch. And you're supposed to talk about Brianna, not your 'issues'."
Laura: "And speaking of Brianna, I think she's doing way too much socializing. We've been invited to 10 birthday parties in 9 weeks! And every time we get a birthday invitation from someone Brianna always says she is 'best friends' with them. I think she goes around asking each kid, 'So...when's your birthday?' and then making 'best friends' with everyone just before their birthday!"

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